Tkyoyo D

TikTok Mushroom Head Cushion BB Cream

$23.26 $57.98

Has perfect makeup and good oil balance. It is great for controlling oil.
❤Easy to use: Fried small mushrooms can repair beauty in one step.
Smooth skin: Float on fine lines to blur them, creating the illusion of smooth skin.
❤Natural appearance: Provide you with a flawless appearance immediately with obvious differences. It can provide flawless, powder-brushed makeup at any age, and can be used for foundation makeup for photo preparation.
Meet your needs: create foundations, BB creams, concealers and highlighters for any eye makeup and lip products to create the perfect canvas, eyeshadow, brow pencil and eyeliner.

❤Moisturizing: Its moisturizing formula can moisturize BB cream and correct uneven skin tone. The perfect retouching effect can cover up wrinkles and fine lines on the face and make the skin look younger.
❤Long-lasting fineness-our soft liquid foundation can absorb sweat, absorb oil, stay in place for a long time without turning black. The colors used for different skin types may be different, and different displays may appear in different colors.
❤Suitable for most skins: Our concealer base cream uses unique natural decorative oil, suitable for oily, dry and combination skin. Acne, sensitive skin, please perform a sensitivity test before use. Skin-friendly: When the bomb sponge head meets water, it will become larger and softer. It is portable, friendly to the skin, has no dead spots and is not dirty during the whole process
❤Tips: You can choose 2 colors, the texture is smooth and durable. Make your skin smooth and shiny. Choose the color that best suits your tone. The effect of the product may vary depending on the skin tone.

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