Tkyoyo L

Quantum Magnetic False Eyelashes 3D False Eyelashes Magnetic Eyelash Curler Set Double Magnet False Eyelashes False Eyelash Extensions Without Glue

$16.32 $45.16


✅Safe to Use: Ergonomic design fits most eye shapes without damage and soft magnet design allows use on sensitive skin. Designed with soft magnetic strips, the laser never damages your lids while protecting your fragile lashes.
✅Requ No Glue Required - These professional eyelash tweezers, with an innovative curved shape, securely apply lashes in seconds with extreme precision, unlike using your fingers. Our magnetic eyelash clip is made of high-quality stainless steel alloy with strong magnetic force, which allows you to automatically grasp the magnetic eyelashes instead of manually clipping them.
✅Save Time - Specifically designed to make magnetic lash application quick and easy, this lash companion ensures you'll save time while applying makeup. Without eyelash glue, without using your hands, you can use the eyelashes easily and quickly.
✅Multiple functions: In addition to applying eyelashes, this tool is equally effective as an eyelash curler and a false eyelash remover that cleanly removes the lash band without damaging the eye area, making the whole process easy and without problems. pain. Application of magnetic and curled eyelashes. The curved clamp design is also for more curls after applying magnetic lashes.

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