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Deep Cleanin Nose Sticker Remove Blackheads Shrink Pores Stickers

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The second-generation nose patch has been completely upgraded. It continues to use Korean blackhead removal technology, and the nano wrapped multi-plant essence can effectively remove blackheads.
A new collection of herbs, refined and pure extraction, selected pure plant herbs such as white willow bark, burdock, hamamelis, licorice, etc., gently open pores, soften blackheads, relieve rough pores while removing blackheads, balance excess oil, and only remove blackheads without hurting skin.
The capacity is upgraded, and the price of the second-generation nasal patch herbal essence export liquid is not increased.
Formula upgrade and safe ingredients upgrade
The export force is upgraded. Alpine glacier water+shiitake mushrooms and other multiple plant ingredients increase the export force.
Portable upgrade, independent packaging of cotton swabs, hygienic and portable use.
The membrane cloth is upgraded, and the "imitation human skin facial mask" biological fiber has comprehensively upgraded fitness and moisture retention.
Are you still blocking blackheads?
The opening of the hair follicle is blocked by sebum, cell debris, and dirt, which gradually forms blackheads through the dust, dirt, and oxidation in the air.
Three Steps to Easily Solve Blackhead Problems
1. Apply blackheads, NO.1 export sticker: add herbal essence to open pores and export easily.
2. Shrink pores, No. 2 shrink sticker: astringe and export the thick pores behind the blackhead, relieve, and tighten.
3. Refreshing oil control, balancing water and oil, preventing blockage, and inhibiting blackheads.
How to use
Step 1: Open the No. 1 white sticker, take out the film cloth of the middle layer, and apply it on the nose for about 15 minutes to fully dissolve the grease blackheads. After removal, the blackheads rooted in the pores are dissolved. (Before use, it is better to use a hot towel and wet it on the nose to help open the pores, so that blackheads can be better laid out.)
Step 2: After removing the No. 1 sticker, use the needle hole head of it with its own double-headed cotton stick to clean up the emerging blackhead grease; Then use the cotton swab to wipe the nose skin of other parts in a bottom-up manner, and completely clean the blackheads.
Step 3: Open the No. 2 astringent sticker, and you will find more essence water than the No. 1 astringent sticker. The liquid is relatively thick, which can better moisturize and astringent, and effectively shrink pores. Apply it to the nose for about 15 minutes, and a clean nose appears. After removing the No. 2 sticker, gently pat the nose until it is completely absorbed.

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