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Seven Seeds Eggshell Whitening Mask Powder Remove Freckles Deep Clean Skin

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Net content: 150g
Packing method: canned
Ingredients: Angelica root powder, peony root powder, Poria root powder, Atractylodes root powder, Baiji root powder, Salvia root powder, Bletilla striata root powder, etc.
Shelf life: 3 years
Applicable skin type: Suitable for a variety of skin types
Efficacy: Professional whitening and moisturizing, it can dilute deposition, improve facial yellowing, dullness and other skin problems

Package Included:
1*150g Mask Powder

1. Fine powder, easy to absorb, smooth film formation, easy to remove after use

2. A variety of use methods, suitable for people with different skin types, to meet your various needs

3. Herbal Brightening: Contains Baiji and Atractylodes to deeply regulate the skin

4. Improve dullness and repair facial blemishes: Contains Bletilla striata and Bletilla striata to improve the yellowing and dullness of the complexion

5. Balanced water and oil: Contains a variety of plant extracts, penetrates into pores and conditions the skin

1. After cleansing, take an appropriate amount of pure pearl powder and add it to the container.
2.Add a suitable amount of warm water and mix well to form a paste.
3.Add an appropriate amount of warm water, mix well to form a paste, and evenly apply it to a certain position on the face/body.
4.Wash with clean water for about 15 minutes.

Reminder: If there is any leftover after the mask is applied to the face, you can evenly apply it on the neck and hands. One mask is multi-purpose, moisturizing and moisturizing!

Extended usage:
Powder + milk = Brightening skin
Powder + honey = Nourish and tender skin
Powder + egg white = Firm skin
Powder + aloe vera gel = Soothing repair

1. Manual measurement tolerance is 2-5g. Please don't mind your substitutions.
2. Due to the difference between different monitors, the image may not reflect the actual color of the item. thank you very much!

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