Tkyoyo D

Herbal Formula Ointment Skin Dark Spot Cleanup

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1.After using the product within 24 hours do not touch the affected part with water, under normal circumstances scab off scab time is 7~10 days, can not touch on the scab, must wait for it to fall off naturally.

2.It is normal to have a depression in the place where you ordered it, and it will return to normal after 7-15 days. For a small number of people with sensitive skin, if the surrounding skin is red and swollen, it will disappear automatically after about an hour. Do not use facial cleanser on the affected area and do not touch it.

3.It takes 3-6 months for the marks left after the scab falls off to recover according to your own situation.

Volume: 5ml

Apply way:Apply on the spots , don't get on your normal skin.

                ( Big black spot 20 seconds,Small spot 10 seconds and wipe down.)

                   If there is severe pain, please wipe it off immediately and stop using it.

                   Try it on your body before using it on your face.Wipe dry when using.


1.It  can‘t be used on sensitive parts (around the eyes, scalp, eyebrows, lips, underarms, private parts), and it is forbidden to use on scars and allergies. Small dark spots can be used, large ones cannot(should not exceed the size of a mung bean)

2.It is forbidden for pregnant women, and it can only be used over 5 years old, and it can be used under the supervision of parents under 13 years old.
3.The product can only be placed on the mole, do not exceed it. Wipe off immediately if applied to clean skin.
4.You can only use 2 affected areas at a time, and wait until it is completely healed before continuing.

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