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Color Hair Wax Dye Styling Pomade Silver Grandma Grey Disposable Hair Strong Gel Cream Hair Dye for Women Men

$17.26 $39.87

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  • One-time dyeing, natural for styling

  • Easy wash, easy to color, and no hair damage

  • Long time for styling, make your hair shiny, unique, and personality

  • Ingredients without heavy metals

  • Easy to create a stylish avant-garde hairstyle


🦱Ingrediants Water, Beeswax , Brazilian Palm Wax, Cetyl alcohol, Glycerol Extract, TEA Extract, etc.

🦱This is an ideal product for DIY hair, you can enjoy a new hairstyle at home every day or every week, not a hair salon. Dyeing, you can change the color of your hair in just a few seconds. You can easily change your style and impression, enjoy new hairstyles every day, and design according to your preferences, suitable for people who like to change their hair color style, suitable for festivals, cosplay, concerts, parties, nightclubs, bars, carnivals, Halloween, Christmas, Prom  

🦱Natural shaped design, easy to create fashion trends, simple color, long-lasting, simple operation, easy to clean, no residue, no odor (our hair wax is easy to color and clean, the smell is long-lasting and refreshing, just rinse with warm water), easy to rinse, No shampoo, wash with water

🦱How to use: Please be sure to wash your hair before dyeing your hair with hair dye. If the hair is very greasy, it will affect the coloring effect. After washing your hair, wait for the hair to dry. Take an appropriate amount of conditioner and place it on the palm of your hand. Then pat it on the hair and gently comb it along with the hair.    

🦱 NET WT: 120g. 

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