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Q: What is the role of salicylic acid?

A: Anti-bacterial (anti-inflammatory) and helps old cuticles to fall off,anti-acne, blackhead removal, inhibits sebum production.Perfect for oily skin.

Q: Is salicylic acid irritating to the skin?

A: Salicylic acid at 0.1% is not irritating to the skin and works effectively to cleanse and condition the skin. We recommend using it 2-3 times a week.


Salicylic acid is a popular skincare ingredient these days, and its benefits are outstanding. In our daily skincare routine, we need to hydrate regularly, but more importantly, we need to cleanse our pores to prevent them from becoming clogged. Developed for skin cleansing, the 0.1% salicylic acid ingredient is used for its maximum effectiveness and its unique formulation allows us to use the product without feeling overly irritated.

THE ULTIMATE FACIAL – Give yourself a professional-level spa treatment.

We have combined pure kaolin clay and salicylic acid to create a mask that exfoliates, exfoliates blackheads, and fights acne at the same time as cleansing.

Scientific And Efficient Combination Of Ingredients

● kaolin clay-With soothing and skin refining properties helps to reduce blemishes and minimize pores while gently cleansing the skin of excess oil.


Net Weight: 60ml


Step1: After cleansing the skin with a facial cleanser, apply a warm towel to the face for 1-2 minutes.

Step2: Apply an appropriate amount of clay to the skin, T-zone, and can be thickly covered, avoiding the eyes and mouth area.

Step3: After 15-20 minutes, rinse the mud film from the surface with warm water, it needs to be completely cleaned.

Step4: Use other skincare steps such as toner.

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